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date ginger - the ginger and redhead dating site
i love redhead dating

Welcome to dateginger!
We're the redhead dating specialist - find some ginger romance today!

Thousands of redheads and gingers looking for love
dateginger is free to join - no time limits to find the redhead of your dreams
Search some of the finest redheads and gingers in the UK and USA
If you're ginger, or a fan of the redhead you've probably guessed it...
...if you
have, want, need, or love ginger well - ginger is all we do!

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What is dateginger?

We're the ginger and redhead dating specialist, purely for gingers, redheads and their many fans.

If you have the good taste to know that red is best, if you want to linger with a ginger, if you like pale and interesting, fiery personalities and partners that look fabulous in green...
join dateginger today!

Why use dateginger?

Free to join
Send a free "Ice Breaker" message hundreds of local gingers
Personalised recommended members
All members' profiles checked
UK-based customer support line
Easy to use

Date Ginger started offering on-line dating services for gingers in 2008 and now in 2013 we have tens of thousands of members in the USA, UK and Ireland, with hundreds more joining every week. Featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, has become known as the go to source for anything ginger or redheaded - for love and romance, friendship or fun. If you're a ginger or redhead - or if the idea of redhead dating appeals to you, welcome home!

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